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Bring out the full potential of your outdoor living space with a modern landscape from Jinglepot Landscaping & Irrigation, a small family business based in Nanaimo, BC.  We specialize in residential landscape design and installation, hedge/tree pruning, sprinkler repair and garden maintenance.  If you are looking for an experienced and dependable landscape contractor for an upcoming project, please give us a call to arrange a free on site consultation. 

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We make it our goal to leave you with a landscape you can be proud of and enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

Good communication is necessary for a project to be successful.  We are easy to get in touch with and make sure the client is 100% clear with everything included in their landscaping project.  We are experienced enough to be able to accurately estimate our jobs so when we give you a quote, that will be the final price unless additional work is requested.  We know you worked hard for your money and respect the fact that most are trying to stay within a specified budget for their landscape.

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Jinglepot Landscaping & Irrigation is a primarily residential service and we enjoy the relationships we build working within the small community of Nanaimo.  Establishing a trusted name known for quality and reliability is important to us.  Don't hesitate to ask us for references and we can put you in touch with some of our previous clients if you have any questions.

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Landscaping services offered in Nanaimo, our service area stretches as far as Ladysmith, Lantzville, Parksville and Qualicum Beach for certain services.

Some of the services we provide are landscaping design and installation, irrigation repairs and maintenance, hedge trimming and pruning, garden maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, flower/shrub planting, mulch, and more.  If there is anything else you need just ask.

Lawn mowing and fertilizing is not a service we offer at this time, although we do have a small list of trusted local businesses we work with who we would gladly recommend.  Other services we don't currently offer are aeration and de-thatching, tree removal, masonry and concrete work.

Take a look at our PROJECTS page for a frequently updated journal of some of the projects currently underway.

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The amount spent on landscaping in Nanaimo can very greatly depending on property size, access, site conditions and personal taste.  The general rule is to install a complete landscape for a new house, 5-10% of the total house value is what you should be expecting to spend.  Now, that should include everything including hardscaping like paver patios, shrubs and tree plantings, turf or seed and fences.  If you aren't happy with your current landscape and want to start fresh, it might cost a little bit more than if you were starting with a clean slate.  Site conditions such as working on bedrock, whether a machine is needed and ease of access such as slopes could also raise the cost of a project.  Some areas in Nanaimo can be particularly difficult to work with such as the Hammond bay area, where many houses were build on steep, rocky terrain.

For an average house with new turf (or seed), an irrigation system, mulch or rock beds with modest plantings could be done for about $6,000 on the low end ranging towards $10,000 and up for larger, more complicated designs.  This is starting with a fresh slate, if excavation is required to tear out an existing landscape, make sure to consider those costs

Paver patios, retaining walls, water features and other luxuries can significantly raise the cost of your landscaping.  You can keep costs down quite a lot by forgoing on these items or keeping those sections of a project smaller.  Keep in mind a paver walkway or patio is going to be in the $20 per square foot range and Allan block retaining walls will be $25-50 per square face foot.

Lawn is the cheaper option with 4-6” soil costing about $1.25-1.75 per square foot and turf (approximately $1 per square foot) or seed being about 60-70% cheaper. If you are willing to wait for seed to establish, we try to recommend that option. Installing gravel is similar in cost to soil although there is the added cost of fabric. River rock is a bit more labour intensive than any regular type of gravel or drain rock, adding about 30% to the total cost.

Garden areas will depend on the plants you wish to install. The average tree will cost around $250 including delivery and labour. For regular perennials, we install most varieties available from the nursery in 1 gallon pot sizes for $20, 2 gallon for $38, 3 gallon for $67 and 5 gallons for about $100. Certain plants, for example rhododendrons cost a little bit more than the listed prices. Feel free to ask about any plants you are interested in and we should be able to find it for you.

Irrigation is very important in the type of climate we have here on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo. Although only used for a handful of months of the year, I’m sure you know how dry it gets around the summer months. If you’ve ever tried to hand water, or dragged your house around the yard every day, you will definitely appreciate having an automated sprinkler system.

Although it’s an expensive cost upfront, it will pay for itself in all of the valuable time you will save. A small one or two zone system in a small front yard can be installed in a day or two for between $1500-2500. If we are covering a front and back yard at the average Nanaimo lot (approximately 7-10,000 square feet) an irrigation system will cost from $3500-5500.  With a larger lot (1/4 acre or 11,000 square feet plus) the cost will most likely be higher unless it is a very basic landscape. Drip systems, or micro irrigation spray heads for garden areas are less expensive than lawn areas which require more trenching. These are just average prices and everything will depend on site conditions, size of lot and amount of lawn/garden area that needs irrigating.  

There is also a one year warranty on new sprinkler systems, covering parts, labour and winterization for the first year.  If there is a problem with your system you can be sure we will be there to make sure everything is working for you. We pride ourselves on having good client relationships and are confident we provide as good, or better customer service as any other company.

If you are working within a budget we can provide you with different price points for implementing various materials into your plan.  Any project can be completed in phases to fit your financial plan.  We would prefer to not cut any corners even at the request of the client, if we can't do a job properly, it should really be scaled back or not done at all. The cheap way usually ends up costing more in the long run.

It is always smart to get more than one quote when considering a large project.  Make sure when you compare quotes that you are comparing apples to apples and that the landscaper isn't cutting any corners on your project.  Some may put down 2" of topsoil before seeding/turf when they should be using a minimum of 4”, while 6” or more is the ideal.  It'a always a good idea to ask for proof of liability insurance as well if hiring a company you haven't dealt with before.