mushroom shaped tree - nanaimo pruning
perfectly trimmed laurel hedge - jinglepot landscaping

We can handle trimming and pruning hedges of most shapes and sizes, up to a certain point (15-20').   We take our time to do a thorough job and use the best tools available to keep your hedge in the best possible shape.

Pruning your hedges and shrubs will keep them manageable and also promotes overall plant health, plus makes them more resistant to insect and disease.

Many plants will benefit from being hand pruned and keeping their natural form instead of shaping them with gas powered hedge trimmers.  Hand pruning takes more time but leaves a finer, more precise cut and is better for the overall structure and health of the plant.  We will let you know what we think needs to be hand pruned and use our gas powered machines on larger hedges.

Our quote will include all cleanup and disposal of yard waste.  We believe we offer fair, competitive prices and when we give you a price, we stick to it.

Fruit Trees

Proper pruning of your fruit trees during the winter or early spring, rather than the summer will promote more healthy growth and can produce a greater yield.  Light pruning during the summer to remove insect damage, long weaker shoots, or allow more light can be beneficial.  Stone fruit such as nectarines and plums can be trimmed more heavily during the summer and will recover without any issues.  We can help you with any questions you might have about proper care of your fruit trees in Nanaimo.