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Due to the difficult terrain of many properties in Nanaimo, retaining walls are a necessary part of many landscapes in the area. Allan block, although slightly more expensive than wood, is a much longer lasting and more visually appealing option.

For smaller walls, below 2 feet tall, wood or one of the many varieties of small garden blocks are a fine option. If you take a drive around, you will notice the block walls pictured in our images (Allan block) installed all over Nanaimo. Grey is the most common colour, but for $1/square foot more, there are a few different colours available such as sandstone, charcoal, and rocky mountain blend.

The total cost for a wall really depends on the ease of access and how much excavation/site preparation is needed. Since most of the work goes into the initial base course, a 200 foot long wall, one block high, will cost quite a lot more than a 50 foot long wall at 4 feet tall. Furthermore, a curved wall, or one that needs to be stepped down with tiers is going to add to the cost compared to a straight, flat wall.

With retaining walls being very labour intensive, as well as materials which are quite expensive, you can expect the total installation cost to range from $30-50 per square face foot of wall. Although a wood wall may be cheaper, the cost of lumber has risen a lot in the previous couple years that the difference isn’t very big.

Please give us a call anytime for a free retaining wall estimate.

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