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You deserve to enjoy a beautiful garden without dealing with the added stress that comes with the constant maintenance, while leading an already demanding life.  We can work out a schedule flexible to suit your needs, making sure your garden gets the necessary regular attention.  With over a decade of experience in garden and plant care, and weed/plant identification, you can be confident your yard is in good hands.  Gardens can easily become overgrown and overwhelming, often getting pushed to the end of life's priority line.  Once the initial cleanup is completed, as long as it is taken care of on a regular schedule, the workload will be fairly minimal from then on.

On an average sized yard in Nanaimo, depending on the ground conditions and prior maintenance, could cost from $300-1500 to be completely cleaned up. We can come up with a maintenance plan for most budgets, but general maintenance is billed out at $45/man hour with a 4 hour minimum, plus a small fee for removal of garden debris.

We offer garden maintenance to mostly residential clients within the Nanaimo and surrounding areas.  Whether you need year round service or just temporarily, don't hesitate to call.

 Services include:

  • mulch

  • weeding

  • pruning

  • planting

  • garden design

  • spring and fall cleanups

nice little garden and fence - nanaimo
glen oaks spec house - nanaimo landscapers
Large pile of red bark mulch - cedar/nanaimo - jinglepot landscaping & irrigation