About Us

jinglepot landscaping - Fin and Josie Clarke

Jinglepot Landscaping & Irrigation is a small family based business located in Nanaimo, BC, established in 2016.  Josie and Finley Clarke both grew up on Vancouver Island and have always had a passion for the green industry.  Josie has over 10 years experience in designing and building landscapes, learning about irrigation and plants while working on south Vancouver Island.  Finley has worked for different landscaping businesses for several years in between travelling, picking up a variety of skills.

They have traveled around the world together surfing, while having their wedding on a beach in Costa Rica during a trip through Central America in 2014.  They both also enjoy playing baseball and Josie is a great volleyball player despite being extremely short.  Starting their own business has been a goal for several years and they hope to become established as a trusted name in the Nanaimo community.

As a small business we focus on quality over quantity and make sure our employees are well trained to provide our high standard of service.  We also believe in paying above living wage for our employees.  It is difficult to make a living in Nanaimo with the average wages in this industry.  Having employees who feel appreciated and valued, instead of just temporary labour, are necessary as we aim to provide consistent, high end landscaping services.

When you choose to work with us we want to leave you feeling like we have done everything possible to make you, the client happy.  Ask us about references and we can gladly put you in touch with several satisfied clients who can tell you their about their experience with us.  Give us a call today to schedule a meeting today.