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Please leave your information or call to request a quote.  We will try get back to you the same day.  Our schedule is usually busy but should be able to fit most small jobs in within a 2 weeks and larger projects 3-5 weeks. Due to the fact that we rely on machine operators, deliveries and material availability for our landscaping jobs, we can’t give exact start dates and sometimes there will be delays. We try not to disappoint, but there is only so much we can do…

We do not provide quotes without meeting you in person to look at the property so we can get an understanding of exactly what it is you want. Even for something as simple as trimming a hedge, it is our policy to make an appointment before providing a quote.

Not every project is a fit for our company, as there are some things we don’t offer or aren’t properly equipped/experienced in to compete with other Nanaimo landscapers. Please do not be offended if we choose not to look at your job, as some things just don’t make sense for us to take on. Recently we have had to implement a $300 minimum charge, not including materials for any new jobs. This does not apply to irrigation repairs.

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