Jinglepot Landscaping & Irrigation provides a full range of underground sprinkler services throughout Nanaimo, BC.  If you need a new irrigation system installed, updated or repaired we can help.  With over 10 years of experience installing and servicing sprinkler systems we are confident we can solve any problem you may bring to us.  We use only the best quality parts available from our local supplier in Nanaimo and all systems are designed efficiently as possible.  Save yourself time and money while adding value to your property.  


Irrigation repair service calls are billed at $90 for a service call which covers mobilization and the first hour onsite, the cost of parts are extra.  Following the first hour, time is billed at $67.50/hr, billed in 15 minute increments.  Since most repairs are completed in a short time, the service call covers the time spent driving and our cost of fuel. All parts are sold as the list price you would pay at any irrigation supply house in Nanaimo.  

We do not do estimates for any repairs as many require only the minimum 1 hour charge.  If we discover more complex issues, we will ask for approval before going through with the job.  

Priority may be given for emergency repairs, but all of our clients are important to us.  We respond to all service calls the same day we receive them.  

Payment: Due to difficulties with late payments, somebody must be at the residence to pay the invoice when the repairs are compete or we will not be able to perform the service.  If you cannot be home at the time of the appointment, a credit card can be left on file for billing upon completion.  Accepted payment methods are credit card, e-transfer or cheque.

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It's not enough to simply turn off your irrigation system for the winter and hope everything works fine in the spring.  We use an industrial air compressor to blow out the system to prevent any damage from frozen water in the pipes.  We will be doing the blowouts until November 5, to reserve a spot on the schedule, please call or e-mail soon. 


For a smaller lot with minimal lawn and garden area, sprinkler installation will start at around $2500-3000.  A property with an average size in Nanaimo, modest front and back lawn and a few garden areas, can cost from $3000-5000.  For properties on the large end of the scale (1/3-1/2 acre) you should be prepared for a cost of $5000-10,000.  Over half acre lots can cost over $10,000 unless it is a very basic layout.

Every job has its own unique challenges which is why there is no set pricing, for example we run into a lot of rocky conditions in Nanaimo as well as steep grades which can be difficult to manage, but nothing is impossible.  Whether the installation is in a new or established landscape will also make a difference.  While we can give you a general idea of costs on our website, we need to see the yard in person before giving a firm price.  If you plan to have an irrigation system in a new construction home, make sure it is installed before any other landscaping begins.

Lastly, quality parts are a big portion of the cost, as the average home will have a materials list coming in at about $1500.  We see a lot of different systems and while it is possible to have quality work done for cheap, those are usually the exception.  We believe you get what you pay for and while we may not be the cheapest company out there, we believe we will provide more than fair value and service you should expect when it comes to investing in a sprinkler system.  A cheaper system might save money short term, but may end up costing more in the long run due to repairs or even reinstallation.  Like always, we recommend to do some research and get quotes and references from at least two different Nanaimo irrigation companies before making a decision.

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