Landscaping Projects | Nanaimo 2018

Parkland Dr - small patio

 pavers with drain rock border - jinglepot landscaping nanaimo
 paver patio parkland dr - nanaimo landscaping

Ralston Drive - Landscape Design and Irrigation

 excavation north nanaimo - jinglepot landscaping 2018
 landscape design and irrigation - landscapers nanaimo


Douglas ave new construction

 nanaimo landscapers - new house jinglepot landscaping
 new house Douglas avenue - jinglepot landscaping

Rosedale Manor Irrigation

May 2018 - Large irrigation installation in Departure Bay, Nanaimo

 sprinkler system installation - nananimo
 back flow prevention device - nanaimo sprinklers

Cordan Rd and Small river rock garden

April 2018 - 3 houses in a row, basic turf job for new construction.  A small river rock garden with a handful of plants/trees, the previous yard had been destroyed by rabbits.

 river rock garden - central nanaimo jinglepot landscaping
 large turf job - south nanaimo

glen oaks - spec house

 landscape plan - glen oaks nanaimo
 landscape and irrigation - backyard glen oaks nanaimo

Patio - Lantzville

September 2017 - The sod had died in this area and replanted a second time before the homeowner decided to try something different.  In a shady area we usually recommend something other than turf, but there are several factors which will determine if the turf will survive.

 paver patio - lanztville - jinglepot landscaping & irrigation

bayshore paver patio/walkway and turf

 finished paver patio - north nanaimo
 paver patio and turf installation - north nanaimo - jinglepot landscaping
 paver patio prep - road base and filter fabric

Athena Garden Renovation

August 2017 - There is no question this area needed a little attention.  The old roots and landscape ties were removed, topped up with fresh garden soil and planted with grace ward lithodora.  By next year this area should be filled in with a sea of blue flowers.  We also installed drip irrigation to each of t he plants.

 before - ground cover renovation - landscaping nanaimo
 ground cover, garden renovation - nanaimo, bc


Groveland Drive

July 2017 - This is what we have been working on the past couple week.  The home owners are from Victoria and are about to put the house on the market.  The landscape job was a complete tear out, upgrade the irrigation system, plantings, mulch, gravel and turf.


 before - groveland landscaping nanaimo
 backyard before - groveland landscaping nanaimo
 above view - groveland landscaping job nanaimo
 new turf and sprinklers - groveland drive nanaimo
 landscaping nanaimo - groveland drive
 frontyard groveland landscaping - nanaimo

Drip Irrigation Hammond Bay

July 2017 - There was two neighbors with similar, difficult to manage backyards.  The plants were scattered across the steep bank which was a nightmare for any gardener.  We dug trenches down to the bottom of each property and ran a separate drip line for each individual plant.  It should make life a little easier for both homeowners and avoid the water waste of using larger sprinklers.

Cedar Landscaping

June 2017 - Building a patio out of recycled bricks from the Cranberry Arms pub in Cedar

 patio landscaping - nanaimo
 patio and turf - nanaimo
 paver patio - nanaimo 2017

May 2017 - Working with McNeil contracting preparing this property for 3500 sq feet of turf, 3 truckloads of garden and lawn soil were spread.  A patio base was also prepared.

 landscaping prep - cedar, bc
 large turf job - nanaimo 2017
 preparing cedar landscaping job


Jinglepot Landscaping job

May 2017 - 1500' sq of beds to clean out, prune and install mulch.  Lawn was top dressed, fertilized and seeded as well as some irrigation repairs.

 fresh bark mulch - landscaping job nanaimo




April 2017

A small sod and cobblestone/gravel job near the university in Nanaimo.  The lawn was in rough shape and was completely torn out to prepare for new turf, the garden beds were filled with the river rock creating a nice clean looking landscape.


Much needed landscape renovation

 before landscape design project | nanaimo, bc
 finished landscaping project } Jinglepot Landscaping & Irrigation - Nanaimo